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Basic Life Support  (B.L.S.)


A 3 hour training programme designed to give candidates a basic knowledge of emergency first aid techniques and resuscitation skills.


The WorkSafe Basic Life Support (BLS) programme meets the Learning Outcomes of the UK Resuscitation Council for CPR and introduces additional life saving skills.  It is an excellent syllabus to teach members of the public and community who would benefit from knowing basic life saving skills.


This course focuses on immediate priorities and effective, simple care that can be performed until professional medical assistance arrives.


WorkSafe Basic Life Support is a short and concise training programme that focuses on initial, time critical care for life threatening situations including dealing with someone who has stopped breathing, is choking or has become unconscious.  Dealing with severe bleeding can be added to the syllabus dependant on requirements.  Information will also be presented on the Chain of Survival concept to identify how prompt, effective actions will greatly increase the chance of survival.


WorkSafe Basic Life Support training meets with the minimum training recommendations for an 'Appointed Person' in the workplace as detailed in the HSE Approved Code of Practice L74.


The WorkSafe Basic Life Support programme content includes:


Importance of self-protection and use of barriers

Chain of Survival

Primary Survey

Unconscious Casualties and Recovery Position

Adult CPR

Dealing with Choking

Basic Bleeding Control (optional)



By choosing a WorkSafe training programme you or your employees will receive:


*A comprehensive student resource pack for each delegate containing a market leading first  aid reference manual for use during the class and as post course reference.


*Professional training delivered by quality assured instructors and a maximum class size of 12 per instructor.


*Active learning strategies with opportunities for practice in small, relaxed groups monitored by the instructor.


*Fully interactive presentation materials that use a graphical approach to learning.


*The opportunity to complete a course evaluation and register online with the WorkSafe website to access special offers and first aid related updates.


*Successful candidates will be awarded a qualification in Basic Life Support, valid for 3 years and certificated by WorkSafe Training Systems.


Course Duration: 3 hours





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