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First Aid for Martial Arts

Martial Arts classes are required to have a First Aider in attendance during classes.  Here finally, is a custom made course for the Martial Arts.


First Aid Trainer Mr Dirk Sumners, as well as having many years experience of teaching First Aid, has well over 20 years experience as a Martial Arts Instructor and holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do.  He is also the First Aid Officer for Global Taekwon-Do United Kingdom (GTUK).  This experience of the Martial Arts has resulted in a course which not only deals with common injuries associated with training in the Martial Arts but also meets the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive for first aiders working in low risk environments (eg offices, shops, residential care settings etc).


The content covers the basic essentials required to provide emergency care to a patient.


Candidates will receive training in a range of first aid skills including:


The ability to act safely and effectively when an accident or emergency occurs.

The treatment and priorities of care for an unconscious patient.

The recognition and treatment of a person in seizure.

The recognition of cardiac arrest and delivery of Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

The ability to recognise and safely treat a patient who is choking.

The recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries.

The recognition and treatment of head injuries.

The ability to recognise and safely treat a patient suffering a dislocation

The ability to safely and promptly treat a patient who is bleeding.

The keeping of simple records following an accident at work.


By choosing a Sumners First Aid Training / WorkSafe training programme you or your students will receive:


*A comprehensive student resource pack for each delegate containing a market leading first aid reference manual for use during the class and as post course reference.


*Professional training delivered by quality assured instructors and a maximum class size of 12 per instructor.


*Active learning strategies with opportunities for practice in small, relaxed groups monitored by the instructor.


*Fully interactive presentation materials that use a graphical approach to learning.


*The opportunity to complete a course evaluation and register online with the WorkSafe website to access special offers and first aid related updates.


*Succesful candidates will be awarded a qualification in Emergency First Aid for Martial Arts qualification, valid for 3 years and certificated by WorkSafe Training Systems.


Please Note: The HSE recommend that all workplace first aiders receive annual refresher training in first aid techniques whilst holding this qualification.


Course Duration 7 hours





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