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Meet Our Teaching Team

Having raised over 60 students from white belt (beginner) to Black Belt, Sumners Taekwon-Do has a wealth of experience to call upon in order to provide Taekwon-Do tuition at the highest level.

Chief Instructor - Mr Dirk Sumners IV

* 4th Degree International Instructor.


* Founded Sumners Taekwon-Do 1997


* DBS (CRB) Registered


* Registered B.T.C. Instructor


* Fully Qualified First Aider and First Aid Instructor


* Global Taekwondo U.K. First Aid Officer


* Qualified Umpire & Referee


* Has Trained 8 World Champions (from beginner)


* Has Produced Over 60 Black Belts (from beginner)


* Holds a Level 3 Award in Education & Training


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Mr Kevin Archer II

P1010681 (2)

Mr Jonjoe Preston II

Assistant Instructors

Club Secretary

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Mrs Glenis Sumners

* Has been in post since the creation of the club in 1997.


* Achieved the rank of 3rd Kup (Blue Belt/Red Stripe)                  before retiring on medical grounds.


* Also serves as the Club Welfare Officer.

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Ms Zainab Dhalech I

Mr Jake Hilton II

Junior Assistant Instructors

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Mr Gareth Williams I

Mr Kyle Murray I

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Ms Sophie Bladek II


Ms Katie White I

* Sumners Taekwon-Do Fitness Coach


* Has trained in Taekwon-Do since 2003.


* Member of Sumners Taekwon-Do since      2004.


* Gained 1st Degree Black Belt 2009.


* Gained 2nd Degree Black Belt 2013.


* Qualified First Aider.

* Sumners Taekwon-Do Competition Coach


* Joined Sumners Taekwon-Do as a white

belt in 2003.


* Gained 1st Degree Black Belt 2011.


* Gained 2nd Degree Black Belt 2015.


* Qualified First Aider