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Child Protection Policy


The safety and well-being of children is paramount, and we take the issue of child protection very seriously.  That's why we have a Child Protection policy in place that is officially endorsed by both the GTUK and the British Taekwondo Council; the sports governing body in the UK.  All our Instructors are formally registered with the BTC.

It is mandatory for all Instructors to have attended both an instructor’s course and a Child Protection course.  Additionally all Instructors have been subject to police screening, and have a valid Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries regarding the Child Protection Policy.


Dirk Sumners

Sumners Taekwon-Do (GTUK Gloucester)



Equality Policy


Taekwondo belongs to, and should be enjoyed by, anyone wishing to participate.  The Club’s commitment is to eliminate discrimination whether by reason of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, ability or disability.


The Club is also committed to promoting equality by treating people fairly and with respect, by recognising that inequalities may exist, by taking steps to address them and by providing access and opportunities for all members of the community.

Sumners Taekwon-Do Club (GTUK Gloucester) is responsible for setting standards and values to apply throughout the club at every level.  The following policy is at the heart of our activities.  The aim of this policy is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect and that Sumners Taekwon-Do Club is equally accessible to them all.  This policy is fully supported by the Club Officers who are responsible for the implementation of this policy.

Sumners Taekwon-Do, in all its activities will not discriminate, or in any way treat anyone less favourably, on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, ability or disability.  This means that Sumners Taekwon-Do Club will ensure that it treats people fairly and with respect and that it will provide access and opportunities for all members of the Community to take part, and enjoy its activities.


Sumners Taekwon-Do will not tolerate harassment, bullying, abuse or victimisation of an individual, which for the purposes of this policy and the actions and sanction applicable is regarded as discrimination.  This includes sexual or racially based harassment or other discriminatory behaviour, whether physical or verbal.  Sumners Taekwon-Do Club will work to ensure that such behaviour is met with appropriate action in whatever context it occurs.

Sumners Taekwon-Do is committed to taking positive action where inequalities exist, and to the development of a programme of ongoing training and awareness – raising events and activities in order to promote the eradication of discrimination and to promote equality in Taekwondo.


Sumners Taekwon-Do is committed to a policy of equal treatment of all members and requires all members to abide and adhere to these policies and the requirements of the relevant equalities legislation – Race Relations Act 1976, Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and Disability Discrimination Act 1995 as well as any amendments to these acts and any new legislation.


Sumners Taekwon-Do commits itself to the immediate investigation of any claims, when it is brought to its attention, of any discrimination on the above grounds and where such is found to be the case, a requirement that the practice stop and sanctions imposed as appropriate.  Any and all such claims should be reported to the Club Chief Instructor, Mr Dirk Sumners or in his absence to Club Secretary Mrs Glenis Sumners, or Assistant Instructors Mr Jonjoe Preston or Mr Kevin Archer.



Dirk Sumners

Chief Instructor

Sumners Taekwon-Do (GTUK Gloucester)




Code of Conduct for Club Officials, Instructors and Volunteers


The essence of good ethical conduct and practice is summarised below. All club officials, instructors and volunteers must:


1.Consider the well-being and safety of students before the development of performance.

2.Develop an appropriate working relationship with students, based on mutual trust and respect.

3.Make sure all activities are appropriate to the age, ability and experience of those taking part.

4.Promote the positive aspects of Taekwon-Do (e.g. fair play, respect, good behaviour).

5.Display consistently high standards of behaviour and appearance.

6.Follow all guidelines laid down by the British Taekwondo Council (BTC) and Sumners Taekwon-Do Club (GTUK Gloucester).

7.Hold appropriate valid qualifications and insurance cover.

8.Never exert undue influence over students to obtain personal benefit or reward.

9.Never condone rule violations, rough play or the use of prohibited substances.

10.Encourage students to value their performances and not just results.

11.Giving enthusiastic and constructive feedback rather than negative criticism.

12.Encourage and guide students to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour.


Code of Conduct for Parents/Carers/Spectators


A parents/carers/spectators expectations and attitudes have a significant bearing on a child’s attitude towards other members, and Club Officers/Instructors.  This Club will ensure that parents/carers/spectators are always positive and encouraging towards all of the children - not just their own - and will encourage parents/carers/spectators to:


During Club sessions and Gradings:-

1.The parent/carer is not to remain inside the training hall during lessons or gradings.

2.The parent/carer is not to distract the child or other members during lessons or gradings.

3.The parent/carer or spectator is not to distract the lesson or grading with conversation, shouting or screaming.

4.Other children with a parent/carer but not participating in the lesson will be expected to follow the same code of conduct.


During Inter-club and national competitions:

1.The parent/carer/spectator should applaud the opposition as well as their own children.

2.The parent/carer/spectator should avoid trying to coach the child during competitions.

3.The parent/carer/spectator is not to shout and scream.

4.The parent/carer/spectator must respect the referees decision.

5.The parent/carer/spectator should give support and attention to all of the children in the club not just the most talented.

The Club will ensure that parents/carers/spectators agree and adhere to the Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy.


Code of Conduct for Members


Sumners Taekwon-Do Club is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its members.  The club believes that it is important that members, coaches, administrators and parents associated with the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others.  Therefore, Members are encouraged to be open at all times and to share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the club with Mr Dirk Sumners (Chief Instructor),  Mr Kevin Archer or Mr Jonjoe Preston (Assistant Instructors) or Mrs Glenis Sumners (Club Secretary).


As a member of a Sumners Taekwon-Do Club, you are expected to abide by the following code of conduct:


1.All members must train within the rules and respect officials and their decisions.

2.All members must respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of age, gender, ability, race, cultural background or religious beliefs or sexual identity.

3.All members should keep to agreed timings for training and competitions or inform one of the instructors if they are going to be late.

4.All members should wear suitable clothing and protective equipment for training, grading and competition sessions, as agreed with the instructor/coach.

5.All members must pay any fees for training or events promptly.

6.All members are not allowed to smoke on club premises or inside the venue whilst representing the club at competitions.

7.All members are not allowed to consume alcohol or drugs of any kind on the club premises or whilst representing the club.

8.All members are to respect the tenets of Taekwon-Do at all times.


Dirk Sumners

Chief Instructor

Sumners Taekwon-Do (GTUK Gloucester)





“Sumners Taekwon-Do Club (GTUK Gloucester) is strongly committed to encouraging our members to take part, but the health, well-being and safety of each individual is always our paramount concern.  We recommend levels of training dependent on age and ability, and expect our junior athletes to participate within these boundaries.”




To support our Health and Safety policy statement we are committed to the following duties:


Undertake regular, recorded risk assessment of the club premises and all activities undertaken by the club.

Create a safe environment by putting health and safety measures in place as identified by the assessment.

Ensure that all members are given the appropriate level of training and competition by regularly assessing individual ability dependant on age, maturity and development.

Ensure that all members are aware of, understand and follow the club’s health and safety policy.

Appoint a competent club member to assist with health and safety responsibilities.

Ensure that normal operating procedures and emergency operating procedures are in place and known by all members.

Provide access to adequate first aid facilities, telephone and qualified first aider at all times.

Report any injuries or accidents sustained during any club activity or whilst on the club premises.

Ensure that the implementation of the policy is reviewed regularly and monitored for effectiveness.




Take reasonable care for your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by what you do or not do.

Co-operate with the club on health and safety issues.

Correctly use all equipment provided by the club.

Not interfere with or misuse anything provided for your health, safety or welfare.